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Learning how to speak positive affirmations can improve your mental health, your overall mood, and change your lifestyle.  Changing your level of awareness and the way in which you speak to yourself can transform your life. Speak positivity into your life.  The way you speak to yourself has a real impact on your subconscious mind and your subconscious has a significant effect on your thoughts and behavior. Ancient peoples have known this for thousands of years and modern science has finally caught up. You can transform your life simply by changing how you speak to yourself.  The power of the tongue...

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Chinese medicine and herbal supplements have been studied and practiced for at least 23 centuries. China actually has one of the oldest medical systems in existence, with a rich oral and written tradition. There's a lot to be learned from understanding how systems of traditional medicine were able to discover effective natural medicines thousands of years ago without modern science or technology. Chinese medicine is heavily influenced by traditional Chinese philosophy The concept of qi or life energy, as well as yin and yang, are important aspects of Chinese medicine.  Esoteric understandings of spiritual energy and the human body are...

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